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Medical Practice Embezzlement | Medical Office Manager Embezzlement | Employee Theft *The Atlanta, Georgia physician had a nauseating feeling in his stomach. He was rightfully concerned. He found out that a trusted employee was stealing from his practice. The physician heard whispers of medical practice embezzlement, but never considered the possibility it would happen to Read more »

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*Nothing is intended as legal advice. Hidden Assets in Divorce | High Net Worth Cases Locating Hidden Bank Accounts “I know he’s hiding money, I just know it.” “She’s been squirreling away money for years.” “He lied about his retirement accounts.” Hidden assets in divorce is common. Litigation involving high net worth households have made Read more »

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Independent Investigations | Falsely Accused • A Georgia Tech University student stated he was falsely accused of sexual assault. After a questionable investigation, he is expelled. Later, an appellate panel reversed the decision, but the expulsion is upheld by the university president. In another twist, the Board of Regents overturned the decision and the accused Read more »

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. Hall County Private Investigators | Gainesville | Buford | Gwinnett County Private Investigators | NE Georgia Private Investigations Located in Hall County, GA we also serve Gwinnett County, Gainesville, Buford, Northeast Georgia and most any other part of our state. We think you’ll be surprised at the superior and straight forward investigation services we Read more »