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Forensic Statement Analysis Forensic statement analysis is not a handwriting analysis but an examination of the written word provided by accusers, defendants, victims or witnesses, to describe an event. Dissection of a written statement to examine the parts of speech, context, order and possible underlying meaning can reveal when someone is truthful, deceptive or omitting Read more »

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Certified Fraud Examiner | Atlanta Licensed Private Investigator Henry Blake & the Fraudster In the television series MASH, Radar would place documents in front Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake who would sign and approve what only Radar understood. Once, Blake is asked to initial his initials so that Radar can order a stamp with Blakes initials Read more »

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Due Diligence Services “They said they needed the money for their child’s operation.” This sounds like something out of the 1950s, but the ruse is still used by fraudsters today, as one of our clients realized. Due diligence services, specific to this case would have revealed high risk factors. Maybe our client thought it rude Read more »