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The legal arena trusts our forensic investigative services and other skills. As an Atlanta private investigator, I take pride in our real results. Commonly, your firm uses an investigator but you need more. Next, maybe you’re involved in litigation or just need a PI review? Hence, look at our – Services

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Face it. Daily demands consume you. But, risks are all around. It’s easy to think you’re immune, if you’ve never had a loss. Therefore, hope and insurance is not a plan. True business security systems are more than cameras. We use a holistic approach. Raise your business with an Atlanta private investigator. Above all, don’t wait until after a storm.

Fraud Risk Services

Is it fear, common errors or something more serious? Thus, use our investigative services. Thinking about a business deal? How about the selection of a vendor? Speak with us first. Often, we hear, “I wish I had known you.” So, don’t be another statistic. In short, use an Atlanta private investigator for an edge.

*See the Gwinnett Business Radio X Interview with Astinel Security & Forensics

“All our CPA’s have given us a clean report each year.”

CPA’s do crucial work, but normally do not look for fraud. This may result in a false sense of security.

“There was a problem once but we’re fine now.”

Sadly, fraud can repeat itself. Don’t be a victim again. To summarize, seek out an Atlanta private investigator.

“Leadership is smart and good controls are in place.”

Great, but fraud doesn’t let IQ get in its way. Controls are vital but investigative services are key.

“Revenues are rising but something doesn’t look right”

When it doesn’t look right, it likely isn’t. Business security systems should be analyzed.

Atlanta Corporate Security Consultant

Asset protection should be a cornerstone of any risk management program. By the way, most don’t realize how serious their problems are until it’s too late. Namely, seasoned strategists and C-suite leaders have felt the pain of fraud. Also, family owned businesses have closed. To summarize, we’ll use a mix of forensic investigative services as an Atlanta private investigator. Conversely, rivalry with another Atlanta corporate security consultant is no concern. Often, we partner with best in the industry. Choose us for the –

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