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Security loss prevention services and asset protection is often an afterthought for a business. While cavalier attitudes tell you differently, we’ve said many times that accepting losses doesn’t have to be the cost of doing business. Often, a simple risk assessment can result in large savings. More comprehensive audits can add additional value. So, allow us to identify your risks and vulnerabilities. Do you have a realistic threat looming? An independent party can add clarity. Consider a review of –

  • Inventory Controls – Organizations may compartmentalize their inventory control functions, when it should be integrated. If you have tangible assets, let us look at your program for protecting, accounting and reconciling. Don’t assume everything will “come out in the wash.” Shrinkage in an organization must be monitored and reduced. In addition, if you’re a third party provider, talk to us about a review to allow better protection for your clients.
  • Loss Prevention Program – Does your company want to start a loss prevention program, or hire a professional for the first time? Perhaps you have an existing program in place but it’s not providing the results you want. We have a special presentation for companies and organizations who are considering the start of a program, but don’t know where to begin. An independent review of your current program by an unbiased party can provide unique insight. Whatever position your company is in, we can offer consulting services based on actual real life experience.

    Investigator | Risk Assessment | Auditor

    As a skilled security loss prevention investigator and auditor, consider the –

  • Risk Assessment – The life savings of an entrepreneur vanishes. A family owned business closes its doors after hiring an executive to “take them to the next level.” Courts are littered with cases of sour business deals. This is closely aligned with our due diligence services. Therefore, business relationships, vendor selections and certainly formal partnerships, demand the need for an independent risk assessment. Rather than becoming another statistic, begin a conversation with us.
  • General & Specific Audits – No matter what industry your in we can help. Your organization may be highly specialized. Even if you feel your operation is running smoothly, get a second opinion. Finally, if you suspect something is not right, don’t delay. We can conduct a general or laser specific review. Contact us