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small business fraudsWhile we have a passion for preventing small business frauds, we can help most any business or organization of any size, in any industry –

Small Business Frauds

You, as the small business owner, sometimes are the business and you’re only human. Maybe you bootstrapped your startup. Small business frauds are very much alive, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Medical & Dental Embezzlement Investigations

dental embezzlement investigations | medical embezzlement investigations | Atlanta, GAThe costs of your education, training, modernization and building your practice could rival the GDP of some nations! They didn’t teach you this in medical or dental school. Don’t let an oversight or rogue employee destroy all your efforts. You don’t have to be another statistic of office embezzlement. Give your practice a wellness review.

* Astinel Security & Forensics Speaks on Fraud in the Medical Practice

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Law Firm Embezzlement

While we serve law firms with traditional investigative services, did you know law firm embezzlement is quite common? Employees of law and other professional firms are no more deterred from committing embezzlement than any other profession. Fraud thrives on embarrassment, false concepts and the belief that it would never happen to you. Due diligence demands you take action.

*Astinel Security & Forensics Speaks about Financial Fraud in Professional Firms

law firm embezzlement

Non-Profit Frauds

Many non profit organizations have crumbled because of internal fraud. Don’t make the mistake of believing everyone is honest. The harmonious bonds for the work and service you offer aren’t enough. One single associate can cause your entire collapse. Believing in your cause is reason enough for a review.

non profit frauds | non-profit frauds | Atlanta, GA

Manufacturing Industry | Supply Chain Security | Logistics Security | Warehouse Theft

Distribution, supply chain security and logistics security – one of our special core competencies. Logistic services are growing and becoming more competitive. A warehouse theft or other crisis can cause you to lose more than dollars. Consider the long-term client trust you’ve built and your reputation. If you’re a manufacturer, we have a special message for you. There’s no obligation, simply email us for some statistics and viewpoints related to your sector.

 supply chain security | Logistics Security | Atlanta | Warehouse Theft | manufacturing frauddistribution center security

Retail Theft Prevention

The retail industry is routinely victimized with theft and misappropriation. It carries with it the cavalier view of “just the cost of doing business.” Razor thin margins won’t permit high shrinkage. Improving your profits by loss prevention is much easier than achieving new sales. It is still possible for you to grow your business.

small business frauds | Atlanta, GA retail theft prevention | small business frauds
Small Business Frauds | Non Profit Frauds | Warehouse Theft | Retail Theft Prevention