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Fraud Speakers

Fraud Speakers like Zane Kinney, provide a unique, real-life perspective. As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), your event will receive actual case information leaving an impactful, lasting message. The actual case examples along with corresponding data and occasional comedic relief, results in repeat speaking requests. The requests for speaking services have increased and we are all too glad to accept. We are happy to speak at small and large gatherings. Belong to a special member organization? Chances are, your group will appreciate a fraud presentation.

“Thank you for your presentation on Tuesday. I found it both helpful and interesting. I unofficially rank your presentation skills and the course matter as ten out of ten.”

Woody McNair, CPA – Partner
Hawkins & McNair, CPA’s

“I have had the pleasure of observing Zane Kinney, Principal of Astinel Security & Forensics speak on various topics such as, investigations, fraud, and security. Recently, Zane spoke to my Anti Fraud and Forensic Interviewing class at Kennesaw State University on the topic of forensic statement analysis. The attention of my students was captivated, as Zane has always proved to be engaging and methodical in his instructional approach. More importantly, he always brings reality through his instruction with real life experience, derived from his 30 years in law enforcement, corporate investigations, physical security, and private investigations and forensics.”

“Whenever I attend one of Zane’s speaking events, I always walk away learning something new. His professional experience and qualifications are what make him an engaging and educational speaker.”

Bruno Pavlicek, PHD, CFE, CFI

Our Professional Credentials

The world of fraud & deceit are forever evolving. Fraud speakers add distinct value and education. Call or email to reserve your 2023 dates.

Fraud Prevention

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We conduct fraud prevention and loss prevention training for the small business or we can offer assistance to the established program. Consider this routine maintenance for your organization or for the start-up, a foundation for a strong beginning.

Our topics include

  • Fraud Prevention in the Workplace
  • Ethics Training – Practical, Situational and Leadership
  • Financial Controls
  • Risk Reduction, Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Training
  • Physical Security and Safety

Ethics Training

Tailored training for executives, managers or line level associates. If you would like a customized training session on a specific topic, let us know.

* Astinel Security & Forensics Speaks about Financial Fraud in Professional Firms

Fraud Speakers | Fraud Prevention | Ethics Training