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As an Atlanta Fraud Investigator, we have several types of reviews available for your situation, from simple to comprehensive. If you’re a decision maker in your organization, you’ll benefit from the very beginning by having a conversation with us. Look below for a further explanation of options, including our fraud risk assessment. You don’t have to be a victim of fraud. If you suspect a problem, avoid putting it off.

  • Fraud Risk Checkup – A simple, quick and easy spotlight. We take the temperature of your business. It’s better to have a simple review, than none at all.
  • Fraud Risk Assessment – Our proprietary fraud risk assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities you didn’t know existed, prevent embezzlement and deliver an effective prevention strategy. This deep-dive review is likely more than you ever experienced!
  • Fraud Examination – The fraud examination is conducted when fraud or embezzlement is suspected or likely. We will organize and prepare the evidence for potential criminal and civil action. A thorough fraud examination is critical for litigation and the recovery of damages.
  • Internal Controls – Who set up your controls when you opened your business? How strong are the controls and would you know if they were compromised? Have you had an independent risk assessment performed? Are you relying on hope? There are many good fiscal policies in organizations, but not all have had an inspection from a Certified Fraud Examiner. Chances are, you’re due for an update.

Atlanta Fraud Investigator

Forensic accountants perform important work, but unlike many, we have tools and skills which distinguish us, and can provide a faster closure to your case. While not all situations may rise to the level of fraud, there may be serious risks. Risks, which left unaddressed can cause serious harm. Contact us

* Astinel Security & Forensics Speaks about Financial Fraud in Professional Firms

Atlanta Fraud Investigator | Fraud Risk Assessment | Atlanta Fraud Examinations