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Georgia Employee Theft Investigations | Workplace Theft

Employee theft investigations is a cornerstone service we offer. The cost of workplace theft is more than just the value of an asset. Disruption, confusion and a loss of productivity occurs. Further, an inappropriate response makes an already bad situation worse. While workplace theft happens far too often, you don’t have to be a victim. Refuse to accept the “cost of doing business” attitude. If you suspect you have a problem, talk to an unbiased professional.

Employee Theft Consequences | Preventing Employee Theft

Employee theft consequences to include, the loss of job, reputation, criminal prosecution, civil restitution and the effects on future income, should be an obvious deterrent. Unfortunately this doesn’t work. Preventing employee theft demands a complete understanding of proven methods and consistent execution. This is where we can help.

Preventing employee theft vs. living with employee theft consequences, for you the business owner, should be a priority. We can show you how to implement an effective program that doesn’t alienate your workforce. Our principal, Zane Kinney, has conducted hundreds of employee theft investigations and studied workplace cultures. Below is an article which may convince you to start a conversation with us.

This Could be the Last Time

We recently responded to a call of suspected embezzlement on the part of an employee for an organization. Unfortunately it was true, theft had occurred. Tens of thousands of dollars were taken and the organization was in a crisis over the embezzlement.

What was unusual about this case is the offending employee initially appeared to borrow funds from the organization, replaced the funds, along with an imputed rate of lost interest. A criminal defense attorney would love to take this case. Then more and more funds were borrowed, but not repaid.

The employee had several business interests, was viewed as intimidating and failed to provide repeated requests for documentation. We were told in advance of what demeanor to expect. The tough exterior we were warned about was not present during our meeting. The employee quickly confessed and said, “It was the “first time and last time.”

Fortunately, it appears the employee may repay the funds relatively quickly to satisfy the monetary theft. Now the organization will decided on pursuing criminal charges. It was interesting to listen to the conversation surrounding prosecution – of what was said and not said.

We often hear rationalization and comments to include: “She just got in over her head”, “His addiction problem caused him to make bad decisions”, “He never got over the loss experienced in childhood”, and “He’s a first time offender.”

We recently wrote about repeat fraud offenders. If you read our articles you understand our strong belief towards prosecution of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement. It is like a cancer that can destroy a company. Employee theft, if not dealt with decisively can move on to the next victim. The case we highlighted above had a relatively positive outcome, but this is not the norm. Workplace theft and understanding employee theft consequences, for both the employer and employee is critical.

Yes people make mistakes. Forgiveness and redemption are grand…theft can be a hundred grand. Some will view this as the employee’s “last time”, maybe the last time, I don’t know.

Georgia Employee Theft Investigations | Workplace Theft | Employee Theft Consequences | Preventing Employee Theft | Atlanta, GA

Zane Kinney, CFE, PI

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Atlanta, Georgia Employee Theft Investigations | Workplace Theft | Preventing Employee Theft | Employee Theft Consequences

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