Workplace Investigations – Atlanta, GA



Workplace Investigations When workplace investigations take place, the approach often happens in a manner experienced by Linda. Linda’s director informed her that she was under investigation for alleged misconduct. It was a true statement. Linda was under the scope of an investigation and it was potentially career ending. Employers could learn an alternative form of Read more »

Risk | Certified Fraud Examiner



Risk | Certified Fraud Examiner | Loss Prevention – Atlanta, GA When an Employer Rationalizes If you have ever heard a Certified Fraud Examiner or loss prevention professional speak, you may be familiar with the Fraud Triangle that outlines three dynamics for fraud to occur – Pressure, or Need / Greed, Rationalization and Opportunity. Common Read more »

Georgia Employee Theft Investigations | Atlanta, GA



Georgia Employee Theft Investigations | Workplace Theft Employee theft investigations is a cornerstone service we offer. The cost of workplace theft is more than just the value of an asset. Disruption, confusion and a loss of productivity occurs. Further, an inappropriate response makes an already bad situation worse. While workplace theft happens far too often, Read more »