Atlanta Fraud Investigations – An Analogy of Embezzlement



An Analogy of Embezzlement Parables, analogies and metaphors have long been used to provide instruction, emphasis and comparisons. In cases of embezzlement there is no shortage of these, including – “It’s like a bomb waiting to explode” “That sucking sound you hear is your lost profits” Recently an attorney and I met with a business Read more »

Workplace Investigations – Atlanta, GA



Workplace Investigations When workplace investigations take place, the approach often happens in a manner experienced by Linda. Linda’s director informed her that she was under investigation for alleged misconduct. It was a true statement. Linda was under the scope of an investigation and it was potentially career ending. Employers could learn an alternative form of Read more »

Risk | Certified Fraud Examiner



Risk | Certified Fraud Examiner | Loss Prevention – Atlanta, GA When an Employer Rationalizes If you have ever heard a Certified Fraud Examiner or loss prevention professional speak, you may be familiar with the Fraud Triangle that outlines three dynamics for fraud to occur – Pressure, or Need / Greed, Rationalization and Opportunity. Common Read more »

Georgia Employee Theft Investigations | Atlanta, GA



Georgia Employee Theft Investigations | Workplace Theft Employee theft investigations is a cornerstone service we offer. The cost of workplace theft is more than just the value of an asset. Disruption, confusion and a loss of productivity occurs. Further, an inappropriate response makes an already bad situation worse. While workplace theft happens far too often, Read more »