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Not at My Company-

As people ask me what we do at Astinel Security & Forensics, I’m all too happy to explain that we protect business assets and minimize their risks by conducting risk, security and fraud assessments.  Many times people will tell me about an incident either at their current or past employer, where a long-time trusted employee embezzled funds or stole inventory.  I never tire of hearing the stories.  Often they confirm the data we have on occupational fraud.

Other people will congratulate me for our business model and our passion for protecting the small business owner.  Then I ask them about current risks in their company or if they have ever had an independent review?  Some appear confused and taken back by the question.  They often smile as if to say, “Not at My Company”, and attempt to educate me on why their workplace is immune from such a threat.

Their responses include –

“Aunt Judy does our books, so we feel good about things.”  I’m thinking, more than one relative has stolen from another relative.  “I’ve had the same people working for me for years.”  Yes, and do you know often they are the ones who victimize you?  “Most of us are Christians.”  Oh, let me tell you some stories.  “Our owner is a really smart guy.”  Fraud doesn’t let intellect get in the way.  “We have a CPA who gives us a good report.”  Okay then.

I smile back and politely tell them I’m happy for those virtues within their organization.  As they walk away I wonder if they’ll be another statistic, and if so, will they remember our conversation.

There is a struggle with many of us in the profession to avoid fear mongering, but frankly we understand all too well the increasing potential threats.  Despite all the educational efforts, most business owners will not take a preventive approach and will only react after a crisis.

What if the business owner treated their entity like their automobiles and children?  They would get routine maintenance and wellness checkups.  Maybe, they could prevent a disaster, minimize the damage or deter a future crisis.  remember, hope is not a strategy.

Georgia Fraud Investigator | Atlanta Private Investigator | Private Investigator in Georgia

Zane Kinney, CFE, PI

2 thoughts on “Georgia Fraud Investigator |Atlanta Private Investigator – Not at My Company

  1. At first glance one would think that a business owner would have preventative measures in place to prevent being taken advantage of, it seems from your post that it is more of a touchy subject because people don’t believe that they will be taken for a ride.

    Nice to see a company that helps small business owners be proactive in protecting their business from theft.

    1. Yale,
      It’s true. None of us want to think the worst. The sad fact shows us this is an epidemic and no signs of slowing down.

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