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Medical Practice Embezzlement Investigator | Medical Practice Fraud | Atlanta, GA

Diagnosing Practice Fraud

My mother, who was a nurse, said people shouldn’t self-diagnose their condition. A pharmaceutical commercial portrays doctors performing different vocations and states, “You wouldn’t want your doctor doing your job.”

Virtually all fraud examinations occur after the fraud has come to light. When it does, it’s always more costly and dramatic. Yet, fraud examination experts concur that rarely, if ever, will a practice request a pro-active fraud risk assessment.

A close look at medical and dental practices reveals a continuing pattern of internal fraud on the part of trusted employees. Over the years, the medical and dental profession has issued more warnings, but our research shows a steady stream of practice fraud. Within the dental arena, some studies reflect 50% of all practices experience internal fraud. Industry statistics are difficult to obtain for a myriad of reasons. A thoracic surgeon doesn’t wish to concede they were swindled by the less educated. A gifted periodontist has been taught to hire a strong office team and focus their efforts on treatment. Enter the Affordable Care Act and the unknown, or some would say, the known effects on income stream. If cash flow tightens, how does a practice justify having a preventive service they don’t even believe is needed? It is because when the economy contracts, fraud increases. In addition, an independent review at any time can reveal vulnerabilities. Medical intellect regarding preventive healthcare should also apply in the form of fraud prevention. The parallels are ironic and undeniable.

Practice fraud is real, costly and painful. Fraud relies heavily on your busy schedule, the “It won’t happen to me” mentality and hopes you’ll remain trusting of your environment. Beyond the financial loss, the aftermath alone is reason enough for a call to action.

“It (the situation) was like an auntie to my kids. I have hundreds of pictures of me at her family events, she at mine.” – Atlanta Dentist after Discovering Employee Embezzlement.

Medical Practice Fraud Investigator | Medical Practice Embezzlement Investigator

Strongly consider using a Medical Practice Fraud Investigator. The earlier the detection, the less damage, and with anti-fraud controls you may never need to experience the pain. When it comes to fraud, avoid self-diagnosing your condition. Give your practice a checkup.


Medical Practice Embezzlement Investigator | Medical Practice Fraud Investigator

Zane Kinney, CFE, PI

*Astinel Security & Forensics Speaks on Fraud in the Medical Practice


13 thoughts on “Medical Practice Embezzlement Investigator | Fraud | Atlanta, GA

  1. Zane,

    This was one of the best fraud articles I have ever read. Hats off to you. Everything you said is accurate and true.

  2. Good article Zane. Thanks. I am forwarding this to the two consultants in the SBDC who specialize in Medical and Vet practice consulting. I have found the stat that about 50% of all theft to be internal in origin to be largely accurate. Spread the word.

  3. Zane,
    Great summation of the problem. ACA may only increase the problem by creating new reporting requirements, not to mention having to do business with previously unfamiliar companies. Like medical issues, fraudsters will not heal themselves.

  4. Excellent article! People need to be more aware of fraud in this tough economic environment! I’m forwarding this to my dentist!

  5. Good information, Zane. Thanks for sharing this. The percentage of half of all dental offices experience fraud is astounding. I believe that would also be true of medical offices. Most will not report this and fight for justice and at least stop others from being defrauded by the person they let go. I am glad to see more proactive alternatives out there. I am definitely going to recommend it to my practices.

    1. Kathy,
      You are so correct. The data on medical offices is choppy at best. The physicians won’t publicize it nor respond to survey requests.

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