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Contact us for your security services, business protection and investigative needs. We’re here to listen. Don’t hesitate to email us at:  Or call us directly at 678-463-7893
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Business Protection | Security Services | Fraud Examiners | Investigators

If you’ve read this far, you likely understand our passion for the protection of assets. We enjoy taking calls, meeting for coffee and listening. We offer free consultations and no obligations. We even meet after hours and on the weekends. In Atlanta, GA and every part of our state, you have a resource. If you’re outside of Georgia, we can also respond to many of your needs. If you need business protection, or if you’re an attorney or individual, consider reaching out. This is our passion and not a hobby.

Business Protection | Security Services | Security Investigators | Atlanta, GA

As security investigators we have a number of tools to assess your risks, threats and vulnerabilities. A thorough security services audit with proper mitigation, can save our business from a serious loss. Don’t allow fear or uncertainty to delay your decision. Procrastination takes victims daily. Click on our services tab at the top of the page and if you don’t see something you need, contact us anyway. We have a suite of offerings and comprehensive network of professionals.

The Insider Threat

For most organizations, the greatest threats are from within and we emphasize this in our speaking engagements. We are often asked the question, “Who can you trust?” The answer is that trust is fine and necessary. The missing component is that most organizations fail to put in the proper controls, fail to follow up and more importantly don’t communicate the importance of an honest workplace. They find it difficult to have critical conversations. Talk to us about methods of creating workplace honesty and speaking at your organization.

* Astinel Security & Forensics Speaks about Financial Fraud in Professional Firms