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“I’m impressed.” “I didn’t know this service was available.” “I never thought we could get this information.” – These are responses we often hear from attorneys and professionals we serve. We understand the high demand for excellence. We can help augment most any legal engagement where private investigations and unique skills are needed. If you’re an individual involved in litigation or working with an attorney, we can usually help. Have you or your client been falsely accused of a crime or misconduct? We have unique tools which can be a game changer. Legal investigations are high stakes and the cost of litigation continues to rise. Atlanta Private Investigators – A professional firm will not over promise. Instead they will provide you with realistic expectations and thoroughly explain services and costs. Like any other service, beware of the low cost provider. Legal investigators should be consummate listeners, licensed, credentialed and fully understand your goals.

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Do you need an asset search performed? We specialize in performing bank account searches, locating brokerage accounts, safe deposit boxes and other hidden assets. These are all performed legally and are in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Seasoned family law, personal injury and civil litigation attorneys understand the benefit of this information. Be careful who you choose! Some who claim to conduct bank account searches are not in compliance with the law. We can also perform asset searches for real estate and other tangible assets. Perhaps you’re trying to collect on a judgment, execute a wage garnishment, need an asset search, but are uncertain where to begin? Contact us

Atlanta Civil Investigations

How do you choose an Atlanta Civil Investigations firm? First, be cautious of ones that advertise the most. Web reviews are nice, but not all are genuine. Look for one that has professional credentials and most of all, don’t be afraid to ask for references from law firms.

Special Investigations

Have a special investigations need? Choose Atlanta Private Investigators who are Certified Fraud Examiners. This can completely change the face of litigation or the crisis you find yourself in. We have a special section on independent investigations found on our blogs which highlight additional skills. Atlanta Private Investigators are common; however, we are anything but common. Look at the genuine feedback we receive from clients. News & Testimonials

Atlanta Private Investigators | Civil Investigations | Atlanta Asset Searches | Atlanta Legal Investigators

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