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“Zane and I had the responsibility of representing an office condo association that suffered a theft of nearly $80,000 at the hands of the association’s treasurer. Zane was instrumental in formulating our plan of action. He also forensically calculated the association’s losses through numerous bank accounts and hundreds of transactions (many of which were fraudulent), including applicable lost interest on the misappropriated funds. Zane was able to successfully confront the treasurer, have him resign his position and sign a confession. I’m happy to report that all of the association’s money was successfully recovered outside of court – inclusive of interest, Zane’s costs (which were incredibly reasonable), and attorney’s fees. I fully recommend Zane Kinney and Astinel Security & Forensics.

Alex Kaufman, ESQ
Kaufman & Miller P.C.

“Dentists preach prevention but seldom practice it on their business. Over 60% of dentists are victimized by embezzlers, I am one of them. It’s nearly always a trusted employee. Temptation! Hire Zane Kinney and Astinel Security & Forensics now and save yourself from the agony I am going through. It’s the best value for the buck you’ll ever spend. Prevention!”

Anonymous Georgia Dentist

“Zane did an outstanding job on a case for our firm. I would highly recommend Astinel Security & Forensics for any investigative work you may have.”

Doug Wise – COO
The Wise Law Firm

“I hired Astinel Security & Forensics on behalf on one of my divorce clients. The company performed an asset search for us. The service was prompt, the fees were clearly explained and best of all, we uncovered a hidden asset. Great job!”

Tracy L. Rhodes – Attorney
Rhodes Law Firm

“Zane was very helpful and had great insight no accountant or attorney could have provided!”

Aristo Shyn, DMD
Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

“Zane was thorough and quickly determined that I had a problem that needed to be addressed. I would highly recommend him for the fraudulent examination work he completed. He even gave me the correct terminology to use when I needed to speak to my bank.”

P. G. – Suwanee, GA

“Astinel provides top-notch service at very reasonable prices. In one of my litigated cases, they tracked down the information I needed that changed the direction of the case in my favor. They got the job done within days and provided a detailed report for my file. I couldn’t have asked for better or more prompt service. You will be satisfied.”

Rustin L. Smith – Attorney
Smith Hulsey Law

“If you suspect your business may be the victim of a fraud or embezzlement, call Zane Kinney. I have recommended him myself and the reviews that come back are “outstanding,” “thorough,” “problem solver.” Zane also performs audits which help identify points of weakness in the business which might be exploited by a white collar criminal. He is a great resource! Zane performed a background and due diligence analysis for me related to a potential business relationship I was considering. His work was extremely thorough and he uncovered some significant issues–important red flags–which I would not have found or noticed on my own. Because of Zane’s excellent work, I avoided significant loss of not only money but reputation. I cannot recommend Zane and his firm highly enough.”

John Ray – Owner
Ray Business Advisors

“I’m a business attorney and have sent multiple clients to Astinel. They do great work, at predictable rates, and my clients are grateful to have Astinel on their side. Business fraud is a real issue these days, and we need people like Zane looking out for all of us.”

Jonathan Sparks – Attorney
Sparks Law Office

“Thank you for your presentation on Tuesday. I found it both helpful and interesting. I unofficially rank your presentation skills and the course matter as ten out of ten.”

Woody McNair, CPA – Partner
Hawkins & McNair, CPA’s

News – Astinel Security & Forensics Awarded Thumbtack BEST OF 2015 and 2016

Corporate Theft | Occupational Frauds – Is your Business Headed for Bankruptcy?

Former Grady Hospital Employee Indicted for Embezzlement

2 Ga Women Indicted in $943,000 Embezzlement

Fraud at a Georgia Manufacturer

Ex-Georgia Aquarium Employee nets 4 years for stealing $250K

Charter School Missing $600,000

Corporate Theft | Occupational Frauds – How Much Are You Losing?

*5% of annual revenues are estimated to be lost to occupational frauds each year. 22% of the cases involved a loss of $1M or more.

Corporate Theft – Think It Won’t Happen to You?

*The smallest organizations suffer the biggest losses but you don’t have to be another statistic.

*Occupational Frauds last a median of 16 months before it is detected, while others extend for 36 months or longer.

*2018 ACFE Report to the Nations

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