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Hidden Assets in Divorce | High Asset Divorce Investigations | Divorce Investigations | finding hidden assets in a divorce | Locating hidden bank accounts | Atlanta, GA

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Hidden Assets in Divorce | High Net Worth Cases

Locating Hidden Bank Accounts

“I know he’s hiding money, I just know it.” “She’s been squirreling away money for years.” “He lied about his retirement accounts.” Hidden assets in divorce is common. Litigation involving high net worth households have made the news, with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in attorney’s fees. All too often spouses who are involved in divorce proceedings, hide assets. Hidden assets in divorce may be lurking just beneath the surface. At times, skillful questioning by an attorney can at least cast doubt on one party, but proving the existence of hidden assets, especially hidden bank accounts can be difficult. Locating hidden assets in divorce proceedings is an area we’ve had success in.

Divorce Investigations

We hope you can reconcile your marriage and divorce is not an option. We also know that divorce can be a reality. If you feel your spouse is not forthcoming in disclosing their financial assets, maybe we can help. You may believe looking for hidden assets is only for those involved in high asset divorce investigations? Not necessarily, we have a service which can help those with a more modest net worth as well.

Hidden Assets in Divorce | Hidden Bank Accounts

Undeclared financial accounts may exist. Locating hidden bank accounts is where we come in. We specialize in conducting asset searches for hidden bank accounts and hidden brokerage accounts. If you are already working with an attorney, contact us and we’ll explain how we’ll work with you and your attorney. This service, while containing a number of cautions and disclaimers, can be a real game changer. Imagine the surprise when you reveal the fact that the other side was hiding assets and lying about it all along? Maybe your divorce has finalized and you discover after the fact, your spouse was hiding assets. Attorneys tell us they can still use our service in modification proceedings.

So whether you’re a person of modest means or a high net worth household, contact us for a free consultation. Divorce investigations aren’t just for the ultra wealthy.

Hidden Assets in Divorce | Divorce Investigations | Locating Hidden Bank Accounts | Atlanta, GA

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